Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Well not much has changed. Busy week and a crop in Saturday so my desk is still a mess.   But in still showing it. Eventually there will be improvement!!!  LOL

But it's still a work in progress.  With another busy week ahead I doubt it will be complete next week. But each day it will get some better.   I did get some new paper racks. So I'm trying to redo this one space in my room. Of course that also means everything that WAS on this desk is in the floor until I find new homes for it. But that out of the puncture so you don't know about the messy floor.  Oh wait. I guess you do now. 😉

ANYWAY.... Here's a picture of the one clean spot in my room. I haven't finished filling the racks but I got started. I put my solid 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock on the single rack. Then I just put miscellaneous 12 x 12 packs on the double rack. You know. Those packs there were on sale so I HAD to get them. Never mind that I have an entire cabinet FILLED with all sorts of packs of 12 x12 paper. But that for another day.  
And you all thought I had a lot of dies.  That's nothing compared to my paper!!!  LOL

I also turned my shelf on it's side to place the paper racks on top.  The shelf holds most of my Stampin' Up stamp sets.  And you all thought I had a lot of dies. Also if you see the big rings on hanging at the bottom of the paper racks - one on each side.  Those are my washi tapes.  The are slid on a belt ring holder.  I got this idea when I saw someone else had done it at a crop I attended.  The loop & tapes can move around and you can get the one tape you want to the opening easily.

Thanks for visiting my obsessions. I means my craft space. Please keep visiting and sharing your stories and storage ideas. 

Have a great day!!!!