Thursday, February 18, 2016

Die Storage

Earlier I posted the messy desk with all my dies.  After work today I started to work on my die organization.  I am using these Totally-Tiffany Die-Namic Die Storage Cases.  

These storage cases are great on their own, but I like to use a magnetic piece and CD storage.  I use magnetic dust covers that I got at Home Depot.

I cut them into squares.

One of my window dies is the Art Impression Window Die.  I put the die on the square cut from  magnet dust cover.  Then I put it in the CD sleeve - that way just in case some thing drops, it still stays together in the sleeve.

Then I put all my different windows on one panel from the Die-Namic Die storage and label it.

This is the storage case that I have completed.  Each sleeve has a label - Squares, Triangles, Ovals, Circles, Stars/Hearts/Hexagons.  

Then when you need one, you just pull the sleeve.

I still have more to finish.  And eventually I will get them all done.  :)

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