Tuesday, June 20, 2017


It's been almost a year since I've been on here. I've missed seeing everyone and reading their posts! For everyone who wants to snoop just go visit WOYWW over at Julia’s Stamping Ground

OK.  Part of the reason I haven't been here, is that I haven't taken the time to post or clean!  So now I'm going to make time and start posting like a good girl!  But I haven't started the cleaning.  So I am actually going to show you the pile of mess in my craft area.  You have to step around piles to get the desk chair to get to the table to work.  It's really like a ballet dance to get there!  Anyway, hopefully showing you all my shameful mess will help commit me to clean it up and show you all a really nice space - or al least a good start at a nice space - might take several weeks!  So take a look at my mess and come back next week to see the improvement.  Hopefully finding the improvements won't be as difficult as those puzzles on finding the differences between the pictures!


Thanks for stopping by.  I love reading your comments!!