Friday, July 11, 2014

Clear Stamp Storage

I have tried several different ideas on storing my clear stamps, but I think I finally found the one I really like!  EZBinder from Crafter's Companion.  There are two sizes, the full size and mini.  I like them both, but here's an example of the full size and how I use it.

The binder has a clear overlay so you can add a cover on the front, side, and or back.  I haven't done that yet - but will when I decide how I'm going to categorize all my stamps.  I thinking Holidays, Special Occasions, Sentiments, Funny Sayings, etc.

The pages are 8 1/2 by 11.  So I just take a plain what page and use my corner rounded on the edges.  Then I mark the holes and use a hole punch.  Then I ready to start stamping.

I take my stamps, and stamp them on the paper.  After I clean my stamp I put it on the  EZMount Stamp Storage Panel.  When I'm done with this step I have all images on my paper and the corresponding stamp on the panel.

Then I take adhesive and tape the page of stamped images to the front side of the panel.  Then my stamps are on the back.  Makes it easy to see and read the stamp image and find the corresponding stamp.  I still have more stamping to do, but will be very excited when I'm all done!


Here's a picture of the panels.  Crafter's Companion runs sales often, but even if not on sale, the prices aren't bad.  :)

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